Donut Galaxy

An amazing galaxy-like visual made possible with three.js. A dropdown control panel made with lil-gui on the top right corner to adjust some parameters. Responsive to all devices.

  • three.js
  • lil-gui
  • JavaScript


Using React and Bootstrap libraries to create a quiz game called Quizzical! Quiz topics are randomly selected from OPEN TRIVIA API. Little surprise when you got full score!

  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • API

Task Tracker

A simple task manager web app created with React. The app accesses the local memory storage instead of a backend database for demonstration purpose.

  • React
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript

E-Commerce Site

A multi-page car wash product e-commerce replica sit with React-router and other libraries.

  • React
  • React-router
  • React-Bootstrap


A classic (drinking) game with react using hooks.

  • React

Meme Generator

Using API to randomly generate the latest top 100 meme on the Internet.

  • React
  • API


Born in Taiwan, studied in Hong Kong, and currently living in Shanghai, China. I work with a wide range of technologies, programming languages, and frameworks. Also experieced in industrial automation, PLC, and IoT.

  • Front-End


  • Back-End


  • UI/UX

    Experience with
    Figma, PS, AI


Started my career in mechanical engineering in car wash industry. I always enjoy building and creating both hardware and software. In 2022, I decided to take a break from mechanical engineering and car wash and dive into software engineering. I started my career as a Software Application Engineer in tobacco industry in the same year.

Live in the present.